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Saturday, August 29

Featured Games 8-29-15
KNBR will be broadcasting live from the patio from 9 - 11:05.
Drink service will begin at 9 and the full menu will be available at 10.

St. Louis vs San Francisco 1:05 PM

Detroit vs Toronto 10:07 AM
Boston vs New York 1:05 PM
Kansas City vs Tampa Bay 3:10 PM
Los Angeles vs Cleveland 4:05 PM
Miami vs Washington 4:05 PM
San Diego vs Philadelphia 4:05 PM
Colorado vs Pittsburgh 4:05 PM
Seattle vs Chicago 4:10 PM
Cincinnati vs Milwaukee 4:10 PM
Houston vs Minnesota 4:10 PM
New York vs Atlanta 4:10 PM
Baltimore vs Texas 5:05 PM
Oakland vs Arizona 5:10 PM
Chicago vs Los Angeles 6:10 PM

NFL Preseason Week 3

Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo 1:00 PM
Atlanta vs. Miami 4:00 PM
Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay 4:00 PM
Minnesota vs. Dallas 4:00 PM
New York vs. New York 4:00 PM
Chicago vs. Cincinnati 4:30 PM
Washington vs. Baltimore 4:30 PM
Seattle vs. San Diego 5:00 PM
Philadelphia vs. Green Bay 5:00 PM
Indianapolis vs. St. Louis 5:00 PM
San Francisco vs. Denver 6:00 PM


Join us at Public House as the Giants take on the Cardinals at home.

Also, bring the Public House experience to the game by ordering food and drinks to go!

Ask your bartender or server, or visit the Kiosk on your way into the game.




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