Behind The Beer

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Public House Beverage Director Greg Stone and Eric Cripe of The Jug Shop worked as a team on the Public House beer list. We will have 24 beers on draft and 24 bottles all selected for their superior craftsmanship. With so much great craft beer being made in California these days, roughly 80% of our draft selection will be from local breweries! As many of our selections are limited release or seasonal, we change things up often, always giving you something new to try.

Local Brewery Showcase

Located in Paso Robles, Firestone Walker is best known for its pale ales and use of patented union fermentation system using American Oak barrels. The Firestone Union gives new life to a time-honored brewing tradition and sets their handcrafted beers apart in both taste and quality.

Well known for both Red Seal and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout,North Coast Brewery is one of the pioneers in craft brewing. Opened in 1988 in Fort Bragg, North Coast stood out to us because of their tradition, seasonal beers and limited production offerings.

Just a ferry ride from downtown San Francisco is another leader in the craft brew resurgence, Marin Brewing Company. With their focus on quality, all natural ingredients they produce a wide array of seasonal and craft beers, truly something for every taste.

And on the bottle side of things we’re really excited to announce that we have at least one selection from six of the seven Trappist breweries. Why not all seven? Well, Westvleteren only sells its beers directly from the brewery. So we had to settle for just serving Orval, Chimay, La Trappe, Rochefort, Westmalle and Achel.