New On Draft

ALLAGASH VICTOR ALE • Portland, ME • 9.1% • 8oz • 10

MARIN 3 FLOWERS IPA • Larkspur, CA • 6.5% • 16oz • 7

EL SEGUNDO WHITE DOG IPA • El Segundo, CA • 6.9% • 10oz • 6 

BALLAST POINT SCULPIN IPA ON NITRO • San Diego, CA • 7.1% • 10oz • 7

LIPS OF FAITH PEACH PORCH LOUNGER • Fort Collins, CO • 9.4% • 10oz • 7 

DOGFISH HEAD BLACK AND BLUE • Milton, DE • 10.1% • 8oz • 10

HERETIC SHALLOW GRAVE • Pittsburg, CA • 7.1% • 16oz • 7 


Beer Blog: Thursday is Cask Ale Night!

Every Thursday at Public House is Cask Ale Night. What does that mean exactly? Every Thursday we tap a new cask of specialty beer and, in celebration, cask ales are only $3 all night long. Come on in on any given Thursday and get a taste of our freshest ale, or settle down with a pint of our house beer, Magnolia's Billy Sunday Bitter. This week, we will be introducing Sierra Nevada's Porter on cask. Here's a quick glimpse at what we're looking forward to:

American Porter, 5.6% ABV, 32 IBU, Racked in November 2012

Sierra Nevada's Porter pours a deep, dark brown with a thick, beige head. Roasted notes dominate the nose, bringing hints of cocoa and black coffee to the front, as well as a slight twinge of bittering hops. The palate confirms the overall aroma of the beer and exposes a depth of malt flavor that develops as you continue drinking, boasting a bitter-sweet flavor profile with a pleasant, round mouthfeel that is remarkably drinkable and fortifying at the same time. This is the perfect beer for the changing weather in San Francisco: quaffable and approachable enough to drink on a sunny afternoon, yet full and warming to provide some shelter from the cutting winter wind.

Beer Blog: The Bruery’s Five Golden Rings

Every Winter since 2008, the Bruery releases a seasonal ale that showcases their own interpretation of a verse from "The Twelve Days of Christmas." In 2008, they released Partridge in a Pear Tree, in 2009 it was Two Turtle Doves, and the tradition will continue up until 2019, when Twelve Drummers Drumming will be released. This year's offering is Five Golden Rings, a Stong Belgian Golden Ale brewed with cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and pineapple juice, making for a truly unconventional winter warmer. Sweet belgian yeast and rich golden malts create the perfect canvas for this special blend of baking spices, presenting a flavor profile that is well-balanced and robust. These familiar flavors of winter are then brought to life by the addition of pineapple juice, which brightens up the beer with a subtle tang that is reminiscent of, but far more reserved than, the general funk and acidic notes that are often found in Saisons and Sour Ales. This beer was only brewed once and is now available on tap at Public House. Come enjoy a glass and get into the holiday spirit!

Beer Blog: Russian River’s Supplication and Sierra Nevada Rarities

Public House is now featuring Russian River's Supplication on tap for a limited time. Supplication is arguably one of the most infamous American Wild Ales on the market today. A brown ale that is aged for 12 months in Pinot Noir barrels with sour cherries and three seperate strains of active bacteria, Supplication is a remarkably tart ale boasting notes of green apples and oak, with a crisp, quenching finish. This beer is not easy to find, and it is truly fantastic on tap. Stop on by before our only keg runs dry!


In addition to Supplication, and several other seasonal selections that we have on tap, Public House is also featuring eight rare brews from Sierra Nevada. Here is a quick taste of what we have to offer:


Sierra Nevada's Super Rocket V8; Imperial Porter, 8.4% ABV

Brewed in honor of the 25th Anniversary of legendary San Francisco beer-bar Toronado, this smokey Imperial Porter is aged in Kentucky Bourbon casks to create a robust beer that combines bitter astringency with sweet, yet subtle, warming notes. The base beer gives off hints of rich, dark chocolate and roasted malts, while the Bourbon casks lend notes of coconut, vanilla, and wood. This brew has a long, complex finish that will be sure to satisfy even the most ambitious beer-geek.


Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp #53 Floral IPA; IPA, 5.9% ABV

This supremely sessionable IPA is brewed with whole-cone hops, rose hips, and rose petals, thus the name "Floral IPA." A bit lighter than your typical American IPA, the Floral IPA is a refreshing brew that does not skimp on complexity. Naturally, floral notes are at the forefront of this beer, giving off hints of white flowers, fresh and full-bodied hops, and sweet malts in the background. This beer pairs incredibly well with our Fall Chicory Salad, tossed with an Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Spiced Pecans, and Blue Cheese.


Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp #45 Oatmeal Stout; Oatmeal Stout, 9.1% ABV

The perfect beer for when the fog sets in, the Oatmeal Stout pours jet black with an immediate aroma of bitter chocolate, earthy hops, and roasted coffee. This is a thick, dense beer with a chewy and viscous mouthfeel, tied together by the smooth flavor of rolled oats. Truly a comforting beer with an assertive and satisfying finish.



Beer Blog: Celebrating Yet Another World Series

The Giants are World Series Champions yet again. It may be a few more months until the Giants return to the fields at AT&T Park, but our beer-selection will still be going strong throughout the off-season. Here's a small sample of what we have available at the moment. Remember, Public House continues to show all of your favorite sporting events on any one of our 22 flat-screen TV's, so stop in for a delicious craft brew when your favorite team is playing, or any other time for that matter!


Lagunitas' Brown Shugga; Barleywine/American Strong Ale, 9.9% ABV

A limited release that, unfortunately, never saw the light of day in 2011, Brown Shugga is back in full force and on tap at Public House. Originally meant to be a Barleywine, Lagunitas added a massive helping of brown sugar to the batch in an attempt to create something highly unique and far more drinkable than your typical big, bad, Barleywine. Needless to say, the result was a smashing success. The added sugar lends this beer with a malt back that boasts semi-sweet flavors of roasted oats and caramel, with a slight astringency that ties with a bold hop profile that is unmistakeably Lagunitas. Still a fairly bitter beer for those looking for that hop-singe, but a bit sweeter and much stronger than Lagunitas' typical offerings. This beer pairs especially well with our Pastrami Sliders. The rich, unctous meat and peppery spice in our house-smoked pastrami gracefully mirrors the heft and bite of this particular brew.


Shipyard's Bourbon Barrel Aged Double ESB; Barrel Aged ESB, 13.2% ABV

The ideal beer for those Fall evenings when it actually gets cold in San Francisco. Although this beer gets its origins from English Session Beers, this is not a brew to be taken lightly. Shipyard doubled the recipe of their year-round ESB, and then cellared the result for over 100 days in decanted bourbon barrels. This beer is very hard to find, especially out here on the West Coast, and we are proud to be serving it on tap at Public House. The aroma of this beer makes it very clear that it has been aged with bourbon, letting off strong notes of vanilla, oak, and dark fruit esters. The beer itself pours a hazy copper hue with a medium body that reintroduces the flavor of bourbon, as well as a slight hop bitterness and a nice alcoholic burn on the finish to bring more balance to the palate. The combination of the complexities of bourbon and the simple brilliance of an ESB are married to perfection here, creating a truly provocative brew that is sure to please anyone looking for something a bit stronger to go with the season.


Firestone Walker's Pivo; German Pilsner, 5.3% ABV

Now for something a little lighter for those warmer days in San Francisco. Firestone's Pivo Pilsner is a traditional German Pilsner that is then dry-hopped with Hallertau hops for a West Coast adaptation of a classic European style. German Pilsner malts provide subtle notes of wheat and lemongrass, while the hops lend the beer slight hints of citrus, and a pleasantly crisp finish that is remarkably refreshing. There's no need to overthink what this brew is doing. This is a beer that is meant to be enjoyed thoroughly and repeatedly, especially while the sun is still out. Drop by for Happy Hour at Public House and enjoy one (or a couple) out on the patio at Willie Mays Plaza.