Beer Blog: Beer Selections for the NLCS

Life at Public House has been nothing short of hectic over the past week, and the Giants show no signs of slowing down, but that doesn't mean we've been slacking on changing out our beers! Here are a couple of our fresh, new selections that we'll be offering well into the beginning of the NLCS. Come grab a pint with us, even when the game is out-of-town, and, as always....GO GIANTS!


Dogfish Head's Festina Peche; Berliner Weiss, 4.5% ABV

A Berliner Weiss, a style that has been very popular on the craft beer scene this year, is a sour wheat ale that is traditionally sweetened with fruit syrups when served. Dogfish Head have taken the Berliner Weiss style one step further by adding natural sugars from peaches to this unique brew. The aroma holds very crisp peach notes, while the beer itself shows flavors of gritty wheat and green apple, with subtle hints of peach at the back of the palate. The peach does indeed smooth out the inherently tart nature of this beer, but this is still a true sour beer, albeit a very well-balanced one.


Grand Teton's XX Bitch Creek; ESB, 7.5% ABV

An offering from Grand Teton's wildly successful Cellar Reserve Series, the XX Bitch Creek is derived from the recipe of Grand Teton's flagship brew (simply named Bitch Creek ESB), but with each of the traditional ingredients doubled. The result is an ESB that toes the line between brown ales and dark ales. The XX Bitch Creek is a bittersweet beer, with pine and citric hop notes riding on top of the taste of roasted grain and sweet stone fruit. This is a big beer but it is also deceptively drinkable; an imperial ale disguised as a session beer.


Lost Abbey's Judgment Day; Quadrupel, 10.5% ABV

One of our more intimidating selections, given its jet-black hue, its high ABV, and its fearsome name, the Judgment Day is a dark Belgian beer brewed with raisins. The addition of raisins is barely noticeable, as they tie in easily with the sweet, robust malts, and Belgian yeast. There is a little bit of bitterness on the back end of this brew, mostly lent by roasted malt, but what is most apparent is the slight warming sensation from the alcohol. This beer is perfect for the fall weather that we've been seeing lately, and it pairs incredibly well with our Homemade Pastrami Sliders. The spice and pepper in our sliders cut through the thickness of this brew, while typing in nicely with the subtle bitterness and the heat from this beer's ABV content. As always, it's hard to go wrong with Lost Abbey.

Beer Blog: Post-Beerunch and the Post-Season

Even though Beerunch is now over (and what a smashing success it was) Public House is still pouring many of the beers that we featured this past weekend. Here are some brief notes on a select few of the beers we are offering as we ease into the madness of the Playoffs. Come by and grab a pint while it's quiet!


AleSmith's Speedway Stout; Imperial Stout with Coffee, 12% ABV

Constantly ranked in RateBeer's Top 10, this huge Imperial Stout is conditioned with coffee beans, making it the perfect beer for those early hours of the day. A big, warming beer with a dry finish that will wake you up and then knock you out.


Cerveceria's Beljim; Belgian-Style Ale, 6.4% ABV

Brewed exclusively for Beerunch and pouring only at Public House, this golden Belgian Ale is named after Mateveza brewmaster Jim Woods, who brewed this exclusive beer at his 20 gallon nano-brewery in the Castro. A spicy and refreshing beer with strong clove notes and a simple, crisp finish.


Knee Deep's Simtra; Triple IPA, 11.2% ABV

This brew is a prime example of how a big IPA can still come across as a sensible and well-balanced beer. Strong notes of orange rind, pine, and tropical fruit show through, as well as caramel to balance out the aforementioned bitter flavors, while not showing too much added sweetness. This beer has a very sticky finish, leaving behind plenty of resin for all you hop heads.


Moonlight's Change of Heart; Saison, 5.6% ABV

A very rare beer from a very established yet unassuming brewery. The Change of Heart is a Saison brewed with apricots, but the added fruit is not meant to create any noticeable sweetness. Instead, the apricots tie in with the dry bite of wheat at the end of this beer and allow the drinker to taste dried fruit at the back of the palate, leading into a surprisingly complex and refreshing finish.


MateVeza/Mill Valley Beerworks' Morpho; Organic Herbal Ale, 6% ABV

Another brainchild of Jim Woods at MateVeza, this ale pours a brilliant red-fuchsia hue unlike anything you've seen with beer before. This beer is brewed with yerba mate, hibiscus flowers, and bay leaves, creating a flavor profile that is unimstakably Morpho's. No hops are added to this beer and the carbonation is very soft, lending the beer an incredibly smooth mouthfeel that allows you to pick out each unique flavor. Truly an exciting foray into the world of herbal ales.

Beer Blog: Clinching Titles and Quenching Thirsts

It's official: the San Francisco Giants are your 2012 National League West Champions! However, that doesn't mean the end of the regular season. While we here at Public House are preparing ourselves for the post-season, we are also making the best of the rest of the regular season, and our beer selection is as strong as ever to show our excitement. Here's a quick look at what we're offering on tap for our last homestand of the regular season against the Diamondbacks:


Allagash's Curieux; Bourbon Barrel-Aged Trippel, 11% ABV 

Curieux is a Belgian Trippel aged in Jim Beam Bourbon Barrels, marrying the typically delicate style of the Belgian Trippel with the robust flavor of Bourbon. Allagash's strain of Belgian Yeast plays a huge role in this beer, bringing forth hints of banana and stone fruit that tie in nicely with the oak and Bourbon left over from the aging process. This is a big, sweet beer, that deftly incorporates the practices of two very difficult styles. A fantastic choice for a colder day while the sun is still shining. 


Karl Strauss' Wreck Alley; Imperial Stout, 9.5% ABV

Part of Karl Strauss' Imperial Collection, Wreck Alley is an American Stout brewed with cocoa nibs and Ethiopian coffee beans. The aroma of this brew is reminiscent of fresh-baked brownies, while the taste itself has a bit more of a bite to it, balancing dark-roasted malts, astringent espresso, dark chocolate, and toffee. This beer is perfect for a post-game brew or on a windy night at AT&T as something to cut through the chill.


Lost Abbey's Witch's Wit; Belgian Wit, 4.8% ABV

Just in time for our last days of sunshine, this Belgian Wit from Lost Abbey is brewed with grapefruit zest, orange peel, and coriander. While these added spices absolutely lend complexity to the beer's flavor, each of them is understated so that the wheat can shine through. This is first and foremost a wheat beer, but the underlying tones of citrus, fresh-cut grass, and oats truly make this beer pop, leading into a pleasant, peppery finish. This is an outstandingly refreshing beer and yet another top-shelf offering from Lost Abbey.

Beer Blog: Beerunch Tickets Are Still on Sale!


With only a week and a half until our annual Beerunch event, tickets are moving quickly and the buzz around the event is building rapidly. Tickets are still available for purchase at, but you must act quickly! Spaces are limited and they are running out!

To drum up a bit more excitement for the event, here is a quick exploration into one of our featured beers for Beerunch, as well as the expert food-pairing that will be presented alongside it:


Bear Republic's Tartare with Smoked Salmon Tartare on Rye Crostini

This locally-brewed Berliner Weiss is an oak-aged sour beer that shows off strong notes of green apple, lemon, sourdough, and of course oak, with a tart profile that washes over the entire palate. The Tartare is a very puckering beer, but it also holds a remarkable thrist-quechning quality that cleanses the palate and cuts through thicker, creamier foods. Our Salmon Tartare is made with creme fraiche, to smooth over the acidity of the beer, and a small amount of citrus and herbs, which tie the flavoring of the dish back to the beer. The grilled rye bread serves as a solid base that grounds these two conversing flavors (the salmon and the beer), while coaxing out the more subtle, earthy notes of the Berliner Weiss, as well as the smoke from the salmon. We are thrilled about this pairing, and all of our other pairings for that matter, and we hope to see you at Beerunch so that you can try them all yourself!

Beer Blog: Heretic’s Shallow Grave Porter Aged in Public House’s Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel

That title is quite a mouthful, but we really can't say enough about the newest addition to our tap line from Heretic Brewing Company.

In the summer of 2011, our beverage director, Mr. Greg Stone, visited the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Franklin County, Kentucky, and chose a specific barrel of bourbon to be used exclusively at Public House and Jardiniere. The bourbon from said barrel was then bottled and shipped to us, along with the empty barrel. We eventually gifted the empty bourbon barrel to Heretic Brewing Company, knowing that they would put it to good use, and we anxiously awaited the result. Heretic began by brewing a batch of their heralded Shallow Grave Porter, and then cellared the beer in our bourbon barrel from Spring until the end of July. They then kegged the product and shipped it off to us. The first keg has just been tapped and we invite you, loyal beer-drinker, to come down to Public House and bask in the fruits of our collaboration.

For those unfamiliar with the Shallow Grave Porter, it is an excellent interpretation of the American Porter style, featuring hints of dark chocolate and sweet caramel, perfectly tied off with a slightly bitter, almost smokey finish. After being cellared in our bourbon barrel, the aroma of this beer boasts strong notes of vanilla and black cherry lent from the bourbon. The flavor itself is still incredibly well-balanced, but also features a bit of added sweetness and warmth, making for a much more complex beer that still accomplishes everything that you'd come to expect from a top-shelf porter. We are truly honored to be a part of such a magnificent brew, and we thank all of the good people at Heretic Brewing Company for that.

This beer is ideal for a cold Summer day in San Francisco, and it pairs perfectly with a scoop of our Ancho Chocolate Ice Cream from Humprey Slocombe. Remember, you can only find this beer on tap at Public House, so come get yourself a glass before it disappears forever!


What Else is On Tap?

If our Bourbon Porter isn't quite your style, here's a quick taste of some of the brews that we have just tapped for the upcoming weekend:

Stone's Saison du BUFF; American Saison, 7.7% ABV

This beer is a collaboration between Stone, Victory, and Dogfish Head, three seperate breweries with highly respected tenures within the American Craft Beer movement. As for the name of the beer, BUFF stands for "Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor," and the unapologetic flavor profile of this particular brew does great justice to its own name. This beer is brewed with parsely, sage, rosemary, and thyme, but the flavor itself is not overly herbaceous. You can absolutely catch hints of the herbs in the aroma of the beer, as well as the smell of fresh earth, however, the flavor of the beer is fairly restrained, showing notes of lemony citrus, wheat, and even sweet fruit.

Bear Republic's Lucha Libre; Mexican Amber Lager, 5.8% ABV

Lucha Libre is an Amber Lager brewed in the Mexican style, which essentially means that it is a highly quaffable beer with an even malt profile and a faint hop bitterness used only to give it a nice, crisp finish. This is a beer that is truly brilliant in its simplicity. No need to over-think this one, just sit back and enjoy.