Beer Blog: Beerunch Tickets Are Still on Sale!


With only a week and a half until our annual Beerunch event, tickets are moving quickly and the buzz around the event is building rapidly. Tickets are still available for purchase at, but you must act quickly! Spaces are limited and they are running out!

To drum up a bit more excitement for the event, here is a quick exploration into one of our featured beers for Beerunch, as well as the expert food-pairing that will be presented alongside it:


Bear Republic's Tartare with Smoked Salmon Tartare on Rye Crostini

This locally-brewed Berliner Weiss is an oak-aged sour beer that shows off strong notes of green apple, lemon, sourdough, and of course oak, with a tart profile that washes over the entire palate. The Tartare is a very puckering beer, but it also holds a remarkable thrist-quechning quality that cleanses the palate and cuts through thicker, creamier foods. Our Salmon Tartare is made with creme fraiche, to smooth over the acidity of the beer, and a small amount of citrus and herbs, which tie the flavoring of the dish back to the beer. The grilled rye bread serves as a solid base that grounds these two conversing flavors (the salmon and the beer), while coaxing out the more subtle, earthy notes of the Berliner Weiss, as well as the smoke from the salmon. We are thrilled about this pairing, and all of our other pairings for that matter, and we hope to see you at Beerunch so that you can try them all yourself!