Beer Blog: Post-Beerunch and the Post-Season

Even though Beerunch is now over (and what a smashing success it was) Public House is still pouring many of the beers that we featured this past weekend. Here are some brief notes on a select few of the beers we are offering as we ease into the madness of the Playoffs. Come by and grab a pint while it's quiet!


AleSmith's Speedway Stout; Imperial Stout with Coffee, 12% ABV

Constantly ranked in RateBeer's Top 10, this huge Imperial Stout is conditioned with coffee beans, making it the perfect beer for those early hours of the day. A big, warming beer with a dry finish that will wake you up and then knock you out.


Cerveceria's Beljim; Belgian-Style Ale, 6.4% ABV

Brewed exclusively for Beerunch and pouring only at Public House, this golden Belgian Ale is named after Mateveza brewmaster Jim Woods, who brewed this exclusive beer at his 20 gallon nano-brewery in the Castro. A spicy and refreshing beer with strong clove notes and a simple, crisp finish.


Knee Deep's Simtra; Triple IPA, 11.2% ABV

This brew is a prime example of how a big IPA can still come across as a sensible and well-balanced beer. Strong notes of orange rind, pine, and tropical fruit show through, as well as caramel to balance out the aforementioned bitter flavors, while not showing too much added sweetness. This beer has a very sticky finish, leaving behind plenty of resin for all you hop heads.


Moonlight's Change of Heart; Saison, 5.6% ABV

A very rare beer from a very established yet unassuming brewery. The Change of Heart is a Saison brewed with apricots, but the added fruit is not meant to create any noticeable sweetness. Instead, the apricots tie in with the dry bite of wheat at the end of this beer and allow the drinker to taste dried fruit at the back of the palate, leading into a surprisingly complex and refreshing finish.


MateVeza/Mill Valley Beerworks' Morpho; Organic Herbal Ale, 6% ABV

Another brainchild of Jim Woods at MateVeza, this ale pours a brilliant red-fuchsia hue unlike anything you've seen with beer before. This beer is brewed with yerba mate, hibiscus flowers, and bay leaves, creating a flavor profile that is unimstakably Morpho's. No hops are added to this beer and the carbonation is very soft, lending the beer an incredibly smooth mouthfeel that allows you to pick out each unique flavor. Truly an exciting foray into the world of herbal ales.